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Good Project

West Sacramento, California

Good is a high-density residential project in West Sacramento with a site plan that includes 33 single-family detached homes and two duplexes with a mix of two and three-story building types. With ground floor garages, each home has living areas and a balcony on the second level with bedrooms on the ground floor as well as on the second or third floors.

Each of the homes has elevated front stoops that are situated along an internal lane similar to the historic alley pattern of the surrounding neighborhood.

Unique to this project site are four large oak trees on the southwest corner of the site that will be preserved within an urban park. The park is an asset for the project, but also serves as a front porch to the community.

The site has a community garden and open space situated around four heritage oak trees and an urban park. The park serves as a front porch to the community and can be observed by ground floor studios or offices and second floor decks.

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Overview of the Good Project, LJUrban and MNA, featuring Craig Stradley, AIA

Discussion of Good project from MNA Junior Designer and Good resident Gerard Falla

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